EN: 9 YouTube channels you need to subscribe to

23/9/2016 – Useldange, Luxembourg
Listening now: Clark Beckham & Madison Ryann – Tennessee Whiskey

Hello babes!

Autumn is back.. And is giving me a hard time (see why I shouldn’t have complained about the weather in my last post?). Don’t get me wrong though, I love autumn. To me, it is the perfect time for introspection, and to get to treat yourself in a cozzy atmosphere. It is also by far the best season fashionwise, because you get to wear warm colours, comfortable jumpers and tons of layers again. And the nature is just lovely, so that it is the perfect time of the year for long walks outside. But I always find it hard to adapt myself to the change of season. The days are already shorter, and my body is not quite ready for that. Also, I’m feeling really exhausted at the moment, and feel like I need to find a real balance so that I get to sleep more and be in a better mood. As I didn’t figure that balance out yet, I am trying to use little “tricks” to get to bed earlier, even if it is just to lay down and procrastinate. If you feel in a similar mood (or just want to discover new areas of YouTube), here are 9 english channels which you should absolutely subscribe to (and the reasons why):

  1. Doddlevoggle: I think the thing I love so much about Doddie is the fact that she makes such genuine videos. She does sit-down talks about what is going on in her life in total honnesty, brushing on subjects such as anxiety, depression or bisexuality. The fact that she doesn’t try to edulcorate her content is so comforting and makes it so relatable, and lovable. Bonus point: she sings like a goddess and has the cutest face expressions.
  2. Hannah Witton: Her channel is all about.. sex. She’s doing a very nice series called “The hormone diaries” in which she’s trying to come off the pills and made a podcast with Lucymoon and Justkissmyfrog called “The banging book club” which was arrghh wonderful (it actually made me want to start a bookclub so badly!).  Bonus point: she’s a feminist.
  3. Will Darbyshire: If you don’t know Will yet.. Please check him out (and do so in the “correct” order). There is something so tender and cute about his lovely videos (which are so well-put together by the way) that will make you fall in love with him. Bonus point: the boy’s not bad looking at all and has very good music tastes.
  4. The Michalaks: Hannah and Steph are a married couple with a beautiful little boy named Grayson. They make weekly vlogs with silky montages and perfect editing. The soundtrack is always a blast and Steph has a beard.. so it cannot go wrong. Bonus point: there are pure family goals
  5. Yoga with Adrienne: This is a peaceful island, perfect for a “me time” to take care of your body and soul this Autumn. I mean.. Who doesn’t want to practise Yoga at home, after a long day working? Bonus point: she’s actually quite funny sometimes
  6. The dictionnary of obscure sorrows: It’s been a while since they didn’t post anything, but their videos are so good that you won’t mind rewatching them after a little while. The concept is basically to put a word on all the feelings that don’t have their place in the language yet. Their videos are so purely beautiful and relatable that it will touch your soul right away. Bonus point: You’ll actually discover/realise new things about yourself
  7. Stilelikeu: In the “what’s underneath project”, women share intimate (often breaking-point) moments of their lives, taking off their clothes. It is inspiring, touching, relatable and sometimes completely heart-breaking. Bonus point: it is also really good fashion inspiration.
  8. The school of life: This channel touches upon a wide range of subjects, from philosophy to pop culture and relationships and often has a different stance on it, being therefore trully insightful. Bonus point: It is the perfect place if you feel like watching  intelligent content and don’t want to feel any guilt about procrastinating
  9. Nerdwriter1: These are video essays about films. You will learn a lot about movies, which will lead you to tons of interesting discussions. Bonus point: You will love films even more.. Yes it is possible, I promise

Here we are for my 9 favourite YouTube channels. I hope you enjoyed it! In the comments below, don’t hesitate to leave your own list, so that I can check it out and discover new ones myself. I wish you a lovely day! Much love ♡



12 thoughts on “EN: 9 YouTube channels you need to subscribe to

  1. Saranda says:

    From your list I only knew Yoga with Adrienne and it is by far my favorite YouTube channel ever! I actually just started on YouTube myself and my main goal is for people to see the real me :)

    I’m so curious how things will go :)
    Thanks for sharing this list, I’ll check some channels!

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