EN: Sweaty ramble on summer time

14/9/2016 – Rotterdam, Netherlands
Listening now: Stromae – Avec Caesaria

Hello babes,

Long time no see! I hope you are doing good.  I don’t know how the weather is where you are at the moment, but here in Rotterdam, it’s fucking callente and to be absolutely honnest, if it was even only a little bit warmer, I might just die from overheat. It is so hot that I am writting this wearing only a bra and some underwears, all the windows and doors wide open so that I won’t  suffocate. But even though this might be one of the sweatiest post, I ain’t gonna complain about it, because it’s clearly the best weather I’ve experienced in Rotterdam so far.

By the way, YES, I’m back in the Netherlands. After spending three months back in my hometown (well, homevillage feels more appropriate but nevermind), and two weeks squatting my friend’s place because I was still sub-renting my room (stupid Caroline..), I finally moved in yesterday! Somehow, this feels like another big step for me, like a true ending of the summer. In order not to forget these three months back home, I decided to write a quick post about this summer, so that you will also get some explanations about the few photos you might have seen on my Instagram.

So heeeeeere we go! This summer I..

  • went to the hairdresser, prepared the babies’ room (nope, I ain’t pregnant yet.. but my cousin is and guess what? I have the great honnor to be the godmother of the baby), went shopping, did some echographies and speculated about how different our lives would be in a few months
  • felt poorly,  watched all the seasons of Game of Thrones in two weeks (can we talk about addiction?) and reorganized all my Pinterest boards, which gave me lots of inspiration to change my room around (but I’ll keep you updated about that later..)
  • met with all my highschool classmates for a lovely afternoon
  • walked 25 km in the woods with my ex-boyfriend, only to wonder what on earth 17 years-old me was thinking about when going out with that guy (it was about time..)
  • passed my theorical exam and started taking driving lessons with my dad (see.. sometimes, I do stick to my resolutions..)
  • worked, worked, worked, worked, worked.. (this joke’s getting old.. isn’t it?) I am not gonna bullshit about it though, I felt completely miserable to spend my summer confined in a shop while all my friends were enjoying their holidays on the most wonderful beaches; even though let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being rich when you get your first paycheck (and all the other ones after that), plus my body is in a much better shape than it was before summer, thanks to it
  • went shopping a lot (no coincidence with the previous point.. obviously)
  • walked pretty much everyday with my mum across fields and woods and god.. I am gonna miss it
  • went back to my grand-ma’s house, which is probably the creepiest place to sleep in, considering all the weird noises, but also the loveliest, if I think about all the memories from my childhood I have there
  • broke my laptop.. again. Only this time I decided to buy a new one because come on.. this laptop spent more time being ill than I did these last ten years
  • did lots of antique markets to find bits and pieces for my appartment (and got that wonderful Aladdin’s oil lamp you saw on my Instagram)
  • walked another 25 km with an old friend of mine (with whom I didn’t speak for two years) and made peace with him (can you tell there’s something therapeutic about walking such long distances in the woods..), which made me realize that, really, there’s only one step from hatred to love
  • watched all the seasons of Orange is the New Black with my mum.. and then got also addicted to Stranger Things (actually, writting about all these series, I’m thinking that I should probably do a whole another post about it)
  • went kayaking and cliff jumping with my dad
  • bought all the Harry Potter books so that I could read them again this autumn (madness..)
  • went to Amsterdam for the first time with my parents, ate space cakes with my mum (who would have thought?) and felt completely in love with the city.. so decided to do my internship there this year
  • and finally.. felt completely depressed on the 29th of August, reading an e-mail from uni and realizing that the holidays were over

That’s about it! I hope you spent a lovely summer. In the comments below, please tell me one thing that made yours special. Much love! ♡





9 thoughts on “EN: Sweaty ramble on summer time

  1. Hey Sharonoox says:

    Sounds like it was an enjoyable summer. This summer has been great except days where the weather was very hot. But other than that, I just can’t wait for fall weather to arrive. My favorite season :)

  2. Bethanny Sudibyo says:

    Where I am is now hot, and the sun is blazinggg! Walking 25 km? Wow! That’s impressive. You seem to have had a lovely summer. Thank you for sharing :)

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