EN: New beginnings and tiny revolutions

19/7/2016 – Chiny, Belgium

Listening now: Saidah Baba Talibah – Revolution

Hey babes!

You might have seen that I changed the title of my blog (and all my social media, really) for CRLNVRVLT (if not it’s all fine, just pretend you did and I’ll do as if I didn’t perceive it). Also, I thought I needed to give you all a bit of an explanation about it (because I know you won’t be able to sleep anymore if you don’t understand why and I am very much worried about your rest, as you can see). Alright, let’s get started!

So it’s been a while that I wanted to make some changes on this blog. Since coming back from England, I felt like this wasn’t the right platform for me to express myself anymore, as -as you might already know- this blog was meant to be the tale of my life in London, as a capsule of that particular period of my life, somewhere behind the sea. Also, quickly, I figured out that the purpose of my blog would never be the same, and subsequently, I didn’t want to direct all my attention to the same audience -exchange students- focusing on my travel experiences.

For that reason, for a looong, long time, I was wondering if I should start a new blog all over again, or just completely  redo this one. Although at first the idea of a brand new blog attracted me, I quickly felt like I didn’t want to abandon my old one, which was still an important part of me. After all, somewhere behind the sea has been the testimony of the person I used to be, a part of myself that I need to acknowledge and still welcome within me, so I didn’t see why I should leave this behind me, as something I would be ashamed of.

Thus, for a moment I decided to expand the subjects I was writing about and change a little bit the look of this blog. But somehow, I still felt like this wasn’t enough, thinking that I needed a clearly more drastic refinement than just that. So here we go. This is the first of all the adjustments I am gonna do. Let that be a way for me to reintroduce myself to you, a fresh new start which will allow me to begin something new:

CRLNVRVLT stands for my full name (it’s basically my name without all the vowells). I felt really reluctant naming my blog after myself, as I thought that not only this would appear really self-centred and therefore probably less attractive to an audience, but also it would give too much a way about my identity and I must say that I appreciate a little bit of privacy while sharing my personal life and opinions on the web (I am full of contradictions, I know..). I hope the way it is now feels like a good compromise to you (at least it does to me, and at the end of the day, I think it might be the most important) and that you won’t have too much of an issue to memorise it (this shouldn’t be a problem, as you hopefully don’t have Alzheimer).

So from now on, this blog will be a way for me to talk about all the things that I absolutely love and despise. I will tell you all about what is going on in my head, in my life, in my kitchen, in my dressing and even in my library. I will talk about the music I listen to and the places I go. But most importantly, I will write about my life journey, often trying to figure out who I am for myself, sharing the experience of my twenty last years on Earth with you. Hopefully, this new approach of my blog will be more attractive to you, and will allow further exchanges between all of (yo)us. So don’t hesitate to leave a trace of your passage, commenting and sharing, here or on my different social media (if you’re so keen, you can even follow me, of course.. but then again, no obligation there, it’s just a suggestion if you fancy it):

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crlnvrvlt/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/crlnvrvlt
Snapchat: crlnvrvlt
Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/crlnvrvlt/
Spotify: felicidalegria (note that it’s the only platform where I didn’t manage to change my username.. but I’m working on that too!)

One last thing before leaving you: that would be really nice if you could suggest me some stuffs that you’d like to see on this blog.. Or others that just don’t interest you. Your feedbacks mean a world to me, and help me to improve and reflect on this blog (and your experience) very much. This said, I’ll see you soon for other tiny revolutions, until then, take care of yourself!

Much love ♡




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