EN: Thousands reasons to be happy

27/10/15 – Rotterdam, Netherlands
Listening now: Tom Rosenthal – Going To Be Wonderful

Watch sunsets. Play piano and feel my fingertips getting warm. Listen to babies laughing. Dream. Smile to strangers. Discover new places. Meet people who understand me. Have real deep conversations. Go to the African Market. Cycle. Run in the rain. Laugh until it hurts. Sleep in the arms of somebody. Watch a really sad movies and cry like hell. Be positive. Go shopping. See poppy fields. Receive flowers. Have naipolish on my nails. Smell the perfumes of people I used to know. Dress nicely. Listen to good music. Share things with people. Learn new things. Walk in the woods and listen to the noise of dry sticks cracking. Eat sea fruits. Spend time with people I love. Decorate my appartment. Cut vegetables. Read a nice book. Travel. Listen to people’s stories. Understand new things about myself. Learn good news. Grow. The smell of freshly cut grass. Ikea ice-creams. Hear people talking portuguese. Dance. Listen to jazz music Admirate people’s happiness. Bookstores. Make projects about futures. Do something nice for some stranger. Embrace the unexpected. Take a long, warm shower. Watch people in train stations. Say yes. Long eye contacts. Feel sensual. Crack my knuckles. Beards. Have sex with someone I love. Feel connected to the present. Read old letters. Eat my mum’s dish. Sleep naked. Get wasted. Remember good moments. Change my plans at the last moment. Hear indie songs while waking up. Go to a concert. Cook apple crumble. Close my eyes and pay attention to all the sounds surrounding me. My studies. Clean my appartment. Smell fresh air. Meet someone I didn’t see for a long time. Take care of my stuffs. Write. Make smoothies. Hope. Dance weirdly when nobody’s watching. Scream of happiness. Eat a brunch. Take photos. Be lucky. Admire landscapes from the window of a train. Feel tipsy. Debate. Jump in puddles. Smell baking cakes. Babies clothes. Feel the warmth of the sun of my skin. Admire the trees changing of colours in autumn. Holidays. Wear red lipstick. Jump above posts in the street. Drink Caramel Frappuccino. Tease someone. Smell freshly washed laundry. Vintage clothes. Cut my hair. Go to the museum. Do stuffs with my hands. Perform a nice play. Interact with people. Watch old photos. Smile for no reason. Feel desired. See old couples in the street. Be amazed by people’s kindness. Find something in the street. Get kissed on the neck. Feel the wind in my hair. Walk with high heels. Eat salmon. Help someone. Surprises. Realise one of my dreams. Try new things. Love. Have a massage. Sing. Write letters. Receive letters. Eat soup. Go to bed early on winter time. Watch the stars. Admire the flashs of a storm. Be careless about serious things. Speak a foreign language. Hear bird singing. Drink Cappuccino with cream on the top while eating rainbow cookies. Take a bath. Listen to songs on repeat mode. Hear a classical song that I can play. The smell of the rain on the pavements after long, dry days. Get recognised for something I did good. The satisfaction of well-done work. Go to bed after a productive day. Eat mapple pecan. Know all the lyrics of a song. Swim naked in the sea. Act silly. Feel small and terribly human, going to the mountain. Remember memories I thought I forgot. Art Post-cards. Put energy on projects I care about. Wedding dresses. Very nice gifts. Unexpected moments. Forgive. Feel meaningful and important to someone. Listen to music in my bed. Maracuja juice. Sort out and classify things. Wear perfume. Feel pretty. Fruits salad. Feel warm when it’s cold outside. Find something I lost. Call my mum. Deep voices. Get lost in a new city. Watch one of my childhood/teenage series. Strangers complimenting me. Catch bubbles. Smell flowers in a garden. Be early. Thrift shops. Smell books. Feel excited about something. Imagine. People’s good vibes. Meet my friends’ parents. Street art. Men. See signals in things. Christmas songs. Babies smell. People cooking for me. Eat greek yogurt and cruesly for breakfast. Do lists. My mum reading fairy tales. Watch the news. Wear fancy dresses. Read magazines on the plane. Buy books. Change bed sheets. Feel relieved. Eat goyabas. Stand still on a very busy place. Feeling overwhelmed after performing.



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